What Do Bats Eat?


There are many different kinds of bats. However, the great majority of them – two-thirds – are insectivores, feasting at night on everything from moths and mosquitoes to beetles and gnats. The diet of the other third is varied. Ten species in Central America are carnivorous, including the Noctilio, which plucks fish out of the …

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Do Toads Hibernate?


As people are finding ways to keep themselves warm during the colder months of winter, most animals are using their own strategies to survive this same climate, which they are not accustomed to. Among them, the amphibians are the most vulnerable. In fact, they are twice as susceptible since a part of them is aquatic …

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Do Frogs Hibernate?

Frogs do hibernate.   As the temperatures drop in seasonal climates cold-blooded amphibians, called ectotherms, will seek shelter and enter a physiological state called hibernation. Ectothermic animals rely on outside heat sources, such as rocks warmed by the sun, to achieve their optimal body temperatures. As seasonal temperatures drop and the amount of sunlight lessens …

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Are Frogs Asexual?

Frogs are not asexual.  All species of frogs reproduce sexually. However, scientists can artificially induce frog eggs to develop asexually through parthenogenesis. What Is Asexual Reproduction? Asexual reproduction is the creation of offspring without the need for a male and a female of the species. Frog Reproduction Like almost all vertebrates, frogs reproduce sexually. Male …

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Does Carbonated Water Hydrate You?

Carbonated water is merely water with carbonation added and is just as hydrating as water without carbonation. More Info: Many carbonated beverages, such as sodas, beer, and tonic water typically have added sodium, sugar, and calories. As an example one energy drink contains nearly two tablespoons of sugar and three times the amount of caffeine …

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How to Get Rid of Ants

However, if the ant infestation is chronic and not linked to the leaving out of food or sweet liquids, the logical first step is to properly identify the species of ant in question with a magnifying glass. Odorous house ants, pavement, and pharaoh ants are the three most common types of species responsible for North …

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How Do Ants Reproduce?

General Ants reproduce between drones and virgin queens. Each ant begins as an egg. Over time it travels through the larvae and pupae stages and eventually reaches the adult stage. The queen lays the eggs and cares for them or lets the workers care for them until they reach the adult stage. The colony communicates …

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Do Ants Have Brains?

General All ants have brains. The ant brain is composed of sensory, motor, and multi-modal central components. Not all ants have the same brain and they are not all controlled by the queen of the colony. The three major types of ants are queens, males, and workers. The colony thinks together with each ant providing …

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How Long Do Alligators Live?

The word “el lagarto” is a Spanish word for lizard. Alligators are very interesting animals. They tend to be seen as predators and many humans are fearful of them. There are two basic types of alligators, the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. The alligator is also the state reptile in Florida and the mascot …

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Do Alligators Lay Eggs?


Answer: Alligators DO lay eggs. Anywhere you can find bodies of water, you will also find alligators. These reptiles prefer to live in fresh water but can occasionally be found in salt water and brackish water. Alligators have a specific mating season, which is April to May. Reproduction During mating season, male alligators attract females …

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